About Cathy · 

"Cathy wants to help you see that your life matters and who you are and what you do is important.  She will encourage you to take “next steps” in your personal life, volunteer role and leadership." 
Emily Friesen - Children’s Ministry Team Leader, The Meeting Place

"Cathy is a remarkable communicator, with a gift for making complex topics simple and clear.  She has a passion for seeing leaders and parents grow.  Cathy translates her years of wisdom and leadership experience to the everyday circumstances and life changing opportunities that parents, coaches, teachers and volunteers have with children and youth.  She will help you shape the lives of children and youth by reshaping how you help them see themselves and see their worlds."
 John Neufeld - Senior Pastor, The Meeting Place

KidUnique Endorsements · 

"Cathy was really great at reading the group, speaking with authority, clarity and confidence with the message God has given her."
Marlese Hazeu - Leadership Team, Winnipeg Vineyard Church 

"KidUnique is an easy to follow, straightforward approach to positively encouraging your child to be who God created him/her to be.  Cathy Dyck is a gifted communicator with excellent experiences to share."
Jeff Marshall -  Children's Pastor, Sunwest Church Calgary 

"Cathy is an appealing and confident presenter who engages both the men and women in her teaching.  She shares from her heart and obviously cares deeply about children and families. With a large variety of examples and activities in her repertoire she was able to keep the class focused and learning throughout the day. I would highly recommend both Cathy as a presenter and KidUnique!" 
Beth Braun - Children’s Pastor, Grant Memorial Church

Parenting for Impact · 

“Cathy’s presentation to our group of parents with children as young as toddlers through to the teen years inspired us to invest ourselves in creating more meaningful relationships with our children.  Through her words and group discussions we received hands on ways to make deeper connections and remind them how much they are valued in our eyes and God’s.”
Carla Hiebert - Douglas Mennonite Church

Finding Your Way Endorsements · 

"I spent 6 weeks observing Cathy Dyck as she led our students through the Finding Your Way process.  As a Youth Pastor I felt privileged being part of the process as she was methodical, organized and creative in presenting to our students.  I would highly recommend Cathy to lead other groups through this process."
Mandy Barkman - Former Youth Pastor, The Meeting Place

The Power of Pause · 

 "I was out with one of my team members, and they were telling me about how valued the pause training was, and how they were using it in their life and business.  Like me, he said, 'I could have listened to her all day'." 
    Trace Hird-Franklin -  Former Royal Bank of Canada Manager