Everyone benefits when a person, be they young or old, grows to discover the miracle of who they are and then has the courage to live into that truth. Unfortunately, all of us will experience life in a way that will cause us to hide, diminish or perhaps not even believe that there is anything good in us.  Not one of us will live fully without the Power of Affirmation at work.  Affirmation reminds us of the miracle of who we are.  Affirmation gives us courage to live our lives with clarity and confidence.  Combining the story of Gideon and personal life experiences this message will inspire you to unleash the power of Affirmation in the lives of those you care about.

Who Is This For: Anybody and everybody.

Group:  a minimum group of 6-8.  There is no maximum limit to the size of the group.   

Time Frame: 20-30 minutes

What Other’s are Saying:
“Cathy’s skill as a leader and facilitator are well matched with her relational skills, personal insights, and exceptional character.” 
John Neufeld - Senior Pastor, The Meeting Place

“That was a phenomenal message this morning Cathy. Personal practical and very clear” 
Keith Tarry - Director, Youth For Christ