Finding Your Way - An interactive process that will help you get clear on your strengths, abilities and passions so that you can live into your future with clarity and confidence.

KidUnique - An interactive workshop that will inspire you to build a deep and lasting relationship with the young person you care about, equipping them to discover and live into who they were born to be.

My Journey with an Eating Disorder Bulimia was my reality for 8 years before the power of God’s Word transformed my life.  My story bears witness to the work He can do to transform a life.  

Parenting for Impact An interactive workshop for parents of preteens and teens.  You will gain insights into today’s culture and tools for fostering responsibility and confidence in your children. 

The Power of Affirmation - Drawing from the story of Gideon and Cathy’s life experiences, this message will inspire you to unleash the power of affirmation in those you care about.

The Power of PAUSE An interactive workshop that will equip you with practical tools for self-leadership.  The practice of PAUSE will give you a process by which you can discern where and how to invest your time and energy and enable you to thrive.