All of us know a young person.  If you are a parent, its your own kid.  It may be someone in your classroom, someone on the team you coach,  someone in your family or friendship circle, or someone in the small group you lead at church.  Each one of these young people needs to know that there is someone in their life who truly cares.  Someone who will take time to invest in their lives, helping them discover the best of who they are: their talents, strengths and passions, so that they can live into their lives with clarity and confidence.  This interactive workshop will give you practical tools for building deep and lasting relationships with the young person in your life, whether they are 6 or 16.  You will be equipped to powerfully impact their lives in positive ways, celebrating who they are and enabling them to live into their future with hope.
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Who Is This For: for anyone who has a relationship of influence in the life of a kid or a teen: parent, grandparent, ministry leader, teacher, coach or family friend.  

Group Size: a minimum group of 8-10.  There is no maximum limit to the size of the group. 

Time Frame: 1 - 4 hours.  Four hours is needed to experience the full scope of this interactive workshop, but it can be tailored to both the time available as well as the needs of those participating. 

What Others Are Saying: 
“KidUnique to me feels like one of those really useful and necessary tools to add to your parenting toolbox.” 
Marlese Hazeu - Ministry Leader, Winnipeg Vineyard Church 

“Cathy challenged my team to adopt a new perspective: to go beyond crowd control, and really take ownership of their ministry.” 
Caitlin Krahn - Former Children’s Pastor, Soul Sanctuary