Finding Your Way is both a tool and a process to help you discover the truth about you and to help you navigate and live into your best future.  The tool introduces you to the story of Mark, a commerce student who just months before graduation, faces a crisis as he realizes that the vocational path he has invested in is not the one he wants to be on.  He then bumps into a wise barista who takes him through a process by which he gains clarity on his strengths, gifts and passions.  The Finding Your Way tool is for you if you want help in discovering the truth about who you are and as a means of gaining clarity and hope for your future.
Who Is This For: teens and young adults trying to get clear on who they are and what they should do with their lives.

Group Size: a minimum group of 6-8.  There is no maximum limit to the size of the group.   

Time Frame: a number of options are available:
    - 5-6 two-hour sessions, held weekly or biweekly (this is the ideal time frame)
    - 1 three-hour interactive workshop
    - 2 two and a half hour sessions spread out over two to three weeks

What Others Are Saying: 
"Anyone involved in the development of students will treasure this process of Finding Your Way because it provides another avenue to help young people become reflective, observant and introspective as to where God is leading them."   
Mandy Barkman - Former Youth Pastor, The Meeting Place